Table 3

The prevalence of CVRFs according to prespecified age groups

All (n=6800), %<45 (n=1499), %45–64 (n=2517), %>64 (n=2784), %p Value
Obesity, BMI (kg/m2)
Waist circumference (cm)
 Men ≥100, women ≥9049.424.949.062.4<0.01
Elevated BP (mm Hg)
Diabetes—only fasting patients (n=1814, 26.7%) (mg/dL)
 Normal (<101)53.963.855.845.9<0.01
 IFG (101–116)
 Diabetes (≥117)
Diabetes—all patients (mg/dL)
 Normal (<101)86.088.386.784.1<0.01
 IFG (101–116)
 Diabetes (≥117)
Hypercholesterolaemia (mg/dL)
Any new CVRF diagnosis*29.528.632.427.4<0.01
Recommendation to consult physician45.023.749.452.4<0.01
  • *Including IFG, diabetes, BP, TC, but not smoking or obesity.

  • BP, blood pressure; CVRF, cardiovascular risk factor; IFG, impaired fasting glucose; TC, total cholesterol.