Table 3

Base case deterministic outcomes for DES versus BMS

Time (years) in health state
 Major cardiac event-free3.3824.0770.695
 Stabilised post major cardiac event1.4620.790−0.672
5-year proportion of patients with transition*
 ST (w/o MI)1.9%1.7%−0.2%
 Revascularisation (w/o MI or ST)37.1%19.0%−18.1%
Cumulative cost (€)**7 153.71 €6 969.86 €−183.85 €
Major cardiac event-free survival years (discount)**2.9083.4480.541
Cost per major cardiac event-free survival year gained (discount)**−340.13 €
  • *Only the first event occurrence is considered.

  • **Over 5 years.

  • BMS, bare-metal stent; DES, drug-eluting stent; LY, Life-year; MI, myocardial infarction; ST, stent thrombosis; w/o, without.