Table 3

Study quality by selected STROBE criteria

Study population: selection by ageMonitoring period: before/after guidelineDiagnostic criteria for IEBacteriological data reportedAntibiotic data reportedIE rate estimate adjustment
STROBE checklist (paragraph number)657714a16a
1. Thornhill et al16Unselected: all UK patients8/2 years, continuous monitoringICD-10 codesYes, but incompleteYesUnadjusted only
2. Duval et al17Selected: adults ≥20 years from French regionIsolated, cross-sectional data collection
11/3 years
Modified von Reyn and Duke criteriaYes—high proportion completeNoAdjusted for age and sex only
3. Bikdeli et al18Selected: adults ≥65 years8/3 yearsICD-9 codesNoNoAdjusted for age, sex and race
4. Pasquali et al19Selected: children <18 years7/3 yearsICD-9 codesYes—selected ICD-9 codesNoUnadjusted incidence only
5. Dayer et al20Unselected: all UK patients8/5 years continuous monitoringICD-10 codesYes but incompleteYesAdjusted for size of UK population only
6. DeSimone et al21Selected: adults ≥18 years in Olmsteasd County8/6 yearsDuke criteriaYes—completeNoAdjusted for age and sex only
7. Pant et al22Unselected patients7/4 yearsICD-9 codesYes—selected ICD-9 codesNoUnadjusted incidence only
  • IE, infective endocarditis.