Table 2

Physical activity per week and proportion meeting guidelines

Activity levelIPAQ (LTPA)
mean±SD (range), n=186
mean±SD (range), n=63
Light, min/weekNA1146.4±367.6 (361.7–1993.6)
Walking, min/week107.7±199.9 (0–1260)NA
Moderate, min/week44.0±102.6 (0.0–720.0)272.4±137.7 (15.0–657.0)
Vigorous, min/week36.0±95.1 (0.0–720.0)11.6±20.8 (0.0–91.3)
MVPA, min/week78.1±160.6 (0.0–1440.0)284.0±146.9 (15.7–663.2)
MVPA (10 min bouts), min/weekNA55.5±75.8 (0.0–302.3)
MVPA+walking, min/week184.7±267.3 (0.0–1505.0)NA
Physical activity guidelineParticipants meeting guideline (%)
150 min/week MVPA, LTPA including walking84 (45.2%)
150 min/week MVPA, in bouts of 10 min or more8 (12.7%)
  • IPAQ, International Physical Activity Questionnaire; LTPA, leisure-time physical activity; MVPA, moderate–vigorous physical activity; NA, not applicable.