Table 3

CT and echocardiographic analyses before and after PTSMA

Before PTSMAFollow-upp Value
CT analyses(n=16)(n=16)
LAVmax, mL137.7±47.9121.0±49.00.034
LAVImax, mL/m293.6±34.182.6±35.30.035
Echocardiographic analyses(n=16)(n=16)
LAVmax (MOD), mL116.4±34.199.1±37.20.002
LAVmin (MOD), mL77.1±37.062.8±32.80.011
LAVImax (MOD), mL/m278.5±27.766.1±26.30.002
LAVImin (MOD), mL/m251.8±26.741.8±22.70.010
LAEF (MOD), %35.8±14.138.7±12.50.414
  • Data are expressed as mean±SD.

  • CT; LAEF, left atrial ejection fraction; LAVImax, the index of maximum left atrial volume; LAVImin, the index of minimum left atrial volume; LAVmax, maximum left atrial volume; LAVmin, minimum left atrial volume; MOD, modified Simpson's rule; PTSMA, percutaneous transluminal septal myocardial ablation.