Table 4

Multivariate linear regression on the relative increase in pVO2 after AVR

βSEp Value
All with p<0.10 at univariate analysis* (adjusted R2=0.33)
 Preoperative mean gradient (per mm  Hg)0.350.160.046
 Preoperative BNP>ULN−5.315.030.30
 Ln days in hospital−1.764.160.68
 Post-AVR pacemaker−8.455.340.13
 Change in Hb (mmol/L)0.594.160.89
 Post-AVR β-blocker−3.184.960.53
 Post-AVR E/e’−0.470.410.27
Final model (adjusted R2=0.33)
 Preoperative mean gradient (per mm  Hg)0.500.140.001
 Preoperative BNP>ULN−11.624.150.009
  • *For BNP, the preoperative BNP>ULN was used because we regard preoperative predictors as most important and BNP>ULN gave slightly higher adjusted R2 in the final model than lnBNP/ULN BNP ratio.

  • If only all predictors with p<0.05 at univariate analysis were forced into a multivariate model, the mean gradient was also the single predictor with p<0.10 with p=0.047 (adjusted R2 for model=0.39).

  • AVR, aortic valve replacement; BNP>ULN, brain natriuretic peptide > upper level of normal; E, early diastolic inflow velocity; e’, early lateral mitral annulus velocity; Hb, haemoglobin; pVO2, peak oxygen consumption.