Table 1

Baseline patient characteristics. Data are expressed as means and ±SDs or absolute numbers and relative frequencies (in parentheses)

Chiropractic care
Age, years±SD51.4±10.050.8±12.1
Female, n (%)26 (44.0)22 (39.3)
Maximum chest pain (0–10),* ±SD6.7±2.45.9±2.3
EQ-5D, mean±SD0.738±0.0210.718±0.022
SF-6D, mean±SD0.695±0.0150.676±0.016
Married/living with someone, n (%)51 (86.4)50 (90.9)
Working, n (%)44 (75.9)35 (63.6)
College graduate, n (%)16 (27.6)16 (30.2)
Expectation of treatment†
 Chiropractic care±SD2.2±0.52.1±0.6
  • *Pain intensity was reported on an 11-point numeric rating scale ranging from 0=no pain to 10=worst possible pain.

  • †Expectation was reported as average ratings on a five-point box scale (much better=1 to much worse=5).

  • EQ-5D, EuroQol five-dimension questionnaire; SF-6D, six-dimensional health status short form.