Table 1

Included studies

First author*Publication yearNumber of patientsPopulationModalities compared to MRI
Hundley199835Patients referred for evaluation of LV function2D-echo (non-contrast), 2D-echo (contrast)
Schmidt1999254 normal volunteers; 21 cardiac patients3D-echo (non-contrast)
Chuang20003510 healthy adult volunteers; 25 patients with dilated cardiomyopathy2D-echo (non-contrast), 3D-echo (non-contrast)
Qin200016Patients with normal LV2D-echo (non-contrast), 3D-echo (non-contrast)
Chuang20012412 obese/overweight patients and 12 lean patients2D-echo (non-contrast), 3D-echo (non-contrast)
Schalla200134Cardiac patients2D-echo (non-contrast)
Mannaerts2003177 healthy volunteers and 20 patients with: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, aortic or mitral regurgitation, or AMI3D-echo (non-contrast)
Zeidan200315Healthy volunteers3D-echo (non-contrast)
Jenkins200450Patients referred to the echo laboratory2D-echo (non-contrast), 3D-echo (non-contrast)
Malm200487Patients referred to the cardiology department2D-echo (non-contrast), 2D-echo (contrast)
Caiani200546Patients with normal LV function2D-echo (non-contrast), 3D-echo (non-contrast)
Corsi200516Normal volunteers and patients with CAD, dilated cardiomyopathy, valvular disease3D-echo (non-contrast)
Lim200536Stable patients with post-AMI2D-echo (non-contrast), 2D-echo (contrast)
Wang200511Patients with chronic CAD2D-echo (non-contrast)
Chan200630Patients with previous AMI with altered shape and wall-motion abnormalities3D-echo (non-contrast)
Dewey200630Patients with suspected CAD2D-echo (non-contrast)
Jenkins2006110Patients referred to the echo laboratory for measurement of LV volumes and EF2D-echo (non-contrast), 3D-echo (non-contrast)
Krenning200615Male patients with a history of AMI and various degrees of wall-motion abnormalities3D-echo (non-contrast)
Liew200632Outpatient cardiac clinic patients with known CAD2D-echo (non-contrast), MDCT 64-slice
Malm200650Patients submitted to echocardiography were enrolled2D-echo (non-contrast), 2D-echo (nontrast)
Nigri20067035 patients with aortic stenosis and 35 with aortic regurgitation with surgical indication2D-echo (non-contrast)
Nikitin20066440 cardiac patients with LVEF <45%, 14 with EF >45% and 10 normal volunteers3D-echo (non-contrast)
Sugeng200631Patients referred for clinically indicated CT angiography3D-echo (non-contrast)
Brodoefel200720Patients with chronic CADDual source CT 2×32
Demir200721Patients with known or suspected CAD2D-echo (non-contrast)
Giakoumis2007135Patients with thalassaemia major attending an outpatient clinic2D-echo (non-contrast)
Jenkins200750Patients with LV dysfunction due to previous AMI2D-echo (non-contrast), 3D-echo (non-contrast)
Jenkins200730Patients referred to the echo laboratory for measurement of LV volumes and EF2D-echo (non-contrast), 3D-echo (non-contrast)
Krenning200739Patients referred for routine evaluation of cardiac function after AMI3D-echo (non-contrast)
Qi20075844 patients with various cardiac disorders referred for clinical MRI studies and 14 normal patients3D-echo (non-contrast)
Schlosser200721Patients referred for CTCAMDCT 64-slice
Soliman200753Patients with a cardiomyopathy and adequate 2D image quality3D-echo (non-contrast)
Bastarrika200812Patients heart transplant recipientsDual source CT 32×2
Busch200815Mixed population of patientsDual source CT 32×2
Chukwu20086935 with normal LV systolic function and 34 with AMI and depressed LV function2D-echo (non-contrast), 3D-echo (non-contrast)
Leonardi200824Patients with thalassaemia2D-echo (non-contrast)
Mor-Avi200892Patients referred for CMR evaluation of LV size and function3D-echo (non-contrast)
Pouleur20088320 volunteers and 63 patients with heart disease including aortic valve disease, severe mitral regurgitation and previous AMI3D-echo (non-contrast)
Puesken200828Patients with known/suspected CADMDCT 64-slice
Rutten200878Mild to moderate patients with COPD with and without heart failure2D-echo (non-contrast)
Soliman20082417 patients with impaired LV systolic function due to CAD or idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy3D-echo (non-contrast)
Wu200841Mixed population of patientsMDCT 64-slice
Akram200920Patients with suspected CADMDCT 64-slice
Garcia-Alvarez200965Patients with first STEMI admitted to a tertiary care hospital and reperfused within 12 h of symptom onset2D-echo (non-contrast)
Gardner200947Patients with AMI greater than 6 weeks previously and scheduled for imaging evaluation2D-echo (non-contrast)
Gjesdal200961Healthy controls and patients with acute STEMI and treated with PCI2D-echo (non-contrast)
Guo200951Patients with mitral regurgitation confirmed by 2D-echo and colour Doppler2D-echo (non-contrast), MDCT 64-slice
Jenkins200950Patients with past AMI who underwent echocardiographic assessment of LV volume and function2D-echo (non-contrast), 2D-echo (contrast), 3D-echo (non-contrast)
Nowosielski200952Patients with first AMI and PCI2D-echo (non-contrast)
Sarwar200921Patients with STEMIMDCT 64-slice
Abbate201010Patients with ST-segment elevation AMI2D-echo (non-contrast)
Claver201043Unselected patients who underwent CMR; mixed cardiac pathologies3D-echo (non-contrast)
Palumbo2010181Patients with suspected CAD, indexed volumesMDCT 64-slice
Whalley201025Patients with at least moderate MR due to MV prolapse2D-echo (non-contrast)
De Jonge201126Patients referred for CTCADual source CT 2×32
Arraiza201225Patients heart transplant recipients2D-echo (contrast), dual source CT 2×32
Bak2012111Patients referred for CTCA before valve surgery2D-echo (non-contrast), dual source 2×32
Brodoefel201220Patients with known or suspected CADDual source CT 2×32
Coon201218Patients with CAD, dilated cardiomyopathy, post-AMI, aortic abnormalities and mitral valve disease3D-echo (non-contrast), 3D-echo (contrast)
Fuchs201253Patients with previous AMIMDCT 64-slice
Greupner201236Patients referred for CTCA2D-echo (non-contrast), 3D-echo (non-contrast), MDCT 64-slice
Lee201230Patients who had undergone clinically indicated, routine CCTA studiesMDCT 64-slice
Li201272Mixed population of cardiac patients2D-echo (non-contrast)
Maffei201279Patients referred for CTCA, indexed volumesMDCT 64-slice
Takx201220Patients with known or suspected CADDual source CT 2×32
Total1998-201328882D Echo (NC): 32 studies/1663 examinations
2D Echo (C): 6 studies/283 examinations
3D Echo (NC): 27 studies/1137 examinations
3D Echo (C): 3 studies/107 examinations
MDCT: 20 studies/842 examinations
50 Echo and 20 CT (5 of these included echo and CT)
  • 2D, two-dimensional echo; AMI, acute myocardial infarction; C, contrast; CAD, coronary artery disease; CMR, cardiac MR; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CTCA, CT coronary angiography; EF, ejection fraction; LV, left ventricular; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; MDCT, multidetector CT; MV, mitral valve; NC, non-contrast; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; STEMI, ST segment elevation myocardial infarction.

  • *See online supplementary file for citations.