Table 2

Clinical trials of invasive versus conservative management in patients with a non-ST segment elevation acute coronary syndrome, which included patients with prior CABG surgery

Trials with CABG patientsYear publishedSample size, all participantsSample size, participants with prior CABGPrior CABG in invasive groupPrior CABG in conservative groupMinimum duration of follow-up for primary end point, monthsPrimary and secondary outcomes
VANQWISH221998920156886812Death and non-fatal MI
TRUCS2320001481810812Death and non-fatal MI
TACTICS-TIMI1810 24200122204842432416Death, non-fatal MI, rehospitalisation for acute coronary syndrome
ICTUS2520051200105624312Primary end point of death, non-fatal MI or rehospitalisation for anginal symptoms
CABG-ACS27After May 20146060312918All-cause mortality, rehospitalisation for refractory ischaemia/angina, MI or heart failure
Total4548823 (339)434 (191)389 (148)
  • CABG-ACS, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft-Acute Coronary Syndrome; MI, myocardial infarction.