Table 1

Summary of study characteristics for each of the included studies

PaperDevice studiedReference standardNumber of measurements per participantNumber of participantsMale (%)Mean age (years)AF prevalence (%)
Wiesel et al11Omron 712C12-lead ECG2450596912.0
Stergiou et al12Microlife BPA100 Plus12-lead ECG+1-lead ECG3 73667137.0
Wiesel et al13Microlife BPM BP3MQ1–2D12-lead ECG3405517323.0
Marazzi et al (a)14Microlife BP A200 Plus12-lead ECG1503546720.1
Marazzi et al (b)14Omron M612-lead ECG1503546720.1
Wiesel et al15Microlife BPM BP3MQ1–2DECG event monitor1–4 per day139376712.9
Kearley et al16WatchBP12-lead ECG199949807.9
Wiesel et al (a)17Microlife BP A200 Plus12-lead ECG3183597416.4
Wiesel et al17 (b)Omron M612-lead ECG1183597416.4
  • AF, atrial fibrillation.