Table 3

Summary of multilevel linear mixed-effects models for mean arterial pressure and peripheral vascular resistance

Mean arterial pressurePeripheral vascular resistance
VariableEstimate (SE)
Fixed partEstimate (SE)p ValueFixed partp Value
Intercept117.41 (14.95)<0.0014005.53 (566.5732)<0.001
Time−6.28 (0.50)<0.001−62.95 (12.06)<0.001
Age0.1 (0.10)0.2874.19 (3.88)0.280
Height−0.15 (0.16)0.363−6.55 (6.32)0.301
Weight−0.21 (0.19)0.2582.97 (7.43)0.689
BSA21.99 (18.83)0.243−962.7148 (721.05)0.182
Parous—previous PE−3.12 (1.55)0.052−158.61 (58.99)0.007
Parous—no previous PE−1.32 (1.67)0.430.−114.45 (63.64)0.072
Ethnicity−0.5 (0.29)0.095−4.54 (11.36)0.689
Random part
Variances (expressed in SD) due to random effects
Random part
Variances (expressed in SD) due to random effects
Individual SD, estimate (SE)3.96536 (0.653656)199.2986 (17.1863)
Residual SD, estimate (SE)7.564444 (0.3559312)178.6215 (8.417629)
Model specificationsModel specifications
Log likelihood−1234.3387 (p<0.001)−2331.4245 (p<0.001)
LR test for random part
(null hypothesis: variance due to random effects=0)
  • The variables are presented as estimates and SEs.

  • AIC, Akaike information criterion; BIC, Bayesian information criterion; BSA, body surface area; LR, likelihood ratio; PE, pre-eclampsia.