Table 3

Multivariable results for HR and other atherosclerotic risk factors as determinants of SBP and DBP (N=186)

IncrementSBP 24 hDBP 24 h
Δ(95% CI)p ValueΔ(95% CI)p Value
HR 24 h10 bpm1.3(0.0 to 2.6)0.0421.7(0.8 to 2.5)0.001
FBF increase300%−1.4(−2.5 to −0.3)0.013−0.3(−1.0 to 0.5)0.499
QUICKI0.03−0.8(−2.1 to 0.5)0.218−0.5(−1.3 to 0.4)0.283
Age10 years2.2(0.2 to 4.1)0.0332.8(1.5 to 4.1)0.001
GenderM vs F9.4(6.9 to 11.9)0.0011.3(−0.4 to 3.0)0.123
RaceBlack vs non-black0.3(−3.4 to 4.0)0.873−0.4(−2.9 to 2.0)0.719
  • Δ, Mean difference of SBP or DBP (in mm Hg) corresponding to the increment shown for each variable.

  • DBP, diastolic blood pressure; F, female; FBF, forearm blood flow; HR, heart rate; M, male; QUICKI, quantitative insulin sensitivity check index; SBP, systolic blood pressure.