Table 5

Arm exercise scores with C statistic values before and after adjustment for significant demographic and clinical predictors

OutcomeScore equationArea under the curve (AUC)*
5-year-all-cause mortalityHRR+13.0×METs−12.6×STΔ (0/1)0.770.86
5-year-CV mortalityHRR+7.3×METs−10.5×STΔ (0/1)0.810.88
5-year-CV mortality or MIHRR+9.4×METs−15.7×STΔ (0/1)0.790.83
12-year-all-cause mortalityHRR+14.5×METs−14.2×STΔ (0/1)0.770.83
12-year-CV mortalityHRR+13.8×METs−17.1×STΔ (0/1)0.780.82
  • *C-statistic (AUC) based on a logistic model.

  • †Arm Exercise Score adjusted for significant demographic and clinical variables indicated in table 4.

  • AUC, area under the curve; CV, cardiovascular; HRR, heart rate recovery at 1 min postexercise; METs, resting metabolic equivalents; MI, myocardial infarction; ST, ST segment depression.