Table 2

Procedural characteristics

Radial/femoral access, n10/2
Guide catheter size, F6 (6–7.5)
Largest rotablation burr used, mm1.75 (1.25–2.0)
Total burr duration, seconds55±17
Heparin dose, IU7042±2050
Procedural success, n12 (100%)
Number of stents/patient, n1.1±0.3
Number of drug eluting stents/patient, n0.9±0.5
Mean stent diameter, mm3.3±0.5
Total stent length, mm27±15
Mean stent deployment pressure, atm13±3
Postdilation balloon diameter (n=10), mm3.8±0.8
Maximum postdilation balloon pressure (n=10), atm16±5
  • Data are presented as median (range), mean±SD or n (%).