TableĀ 4

Comparison of SVMAUROC relative to LogL1, LogL2, SVML1 and SVML2 in terms of discrimination and reclassification

AUROC (p value)0.81 (Referent)0.77 (0.019)0.77 (0.038)0.77 (0.013)0.64 (<0.001)
NRI of SVMAUROC (p value)Referent0.452 (<0.001)0.299 (0.005)0.167 (0.119)0.950 (<0.001)
  • p Values for both AUROC and NRI are shown relative to SVMAUROC.

  • AUROC, area under the receiver operating characteristic curve; NRI, net reclassification improvement; SVM, support vector machine.