Table 6

Risk variables with highest absolute coefficients in the SVMAUROC model to predict ECABG following PCI (top 30 variables shown)

Risk variableWeight
Moderate to heavy calcification0.1251
Priority (emergent, urgent or non-urgent)0.1043
Number of diseased vessels0.1029
Contraindication to ACE inhibitors0.0926
Contraindication to clopidogrel0.0922
Unstable angina0.0826
History of IDDM0.0787
Pre-procedure clopidogrel0.0784
Chronic total occlusion0.0780
Cardiogenic shock0.0759
Grafts with ≥70% stenosis0.0759
Stable angina0.0715
Use of fibrinolytic therapy prior to PCI0.0670
History of congestive heart failure0.0660
Previous myocardial infarction0.0620
PCI within 0–6 h of onset of symptoms0.0601
Current or recent gastrointestinal bleed0.0568
Prior PCI0.0541
Ejection fraction0.0537
Primary PCI0.0528
Salvage PCI0.0508
Pre-procedure low molecular weight heparin0.0500
History of NIDDM0.0448
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder0.0425
Contraindication to aspirin0.0419
Significant valve disease0.0371
PCI of infarct-related vessel0.0360
Pre-procedure aspirin0.0358
PCI within 12–24 h of onset of symptoms0.0352
Graft lesion0.0347
  • AUROC, area under the receiver operating characteristic curve; ECABG, emergency coronary artery bypass graft; IDDM, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus; NIDDM, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; SVM, support vector machine.