Table 2

Baseline and outcome values for patients with valid follow-up included in the analysis

BMI (kg/m2) mean28.0128.0211 332
Systolic BP (mm Hg) mean128.92128.9911 864
Diastolic BP (mm Hg) mean74.1573.7011 843
Total cholesterol (mmol/L) mean4.694.015003
HADS Anxiety score mean7.086.338872
HADS Depression score mean6.095.377207
ISWT (m) mean350.52444.262560
Percentage of patients smoking at baseline5.4%4.3%1874
Percentage of patients achieving physical activity36.9%75.5%2164
  • BMI, body mass index; BP, blood pressure; HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; ISWT, incremental shuttle walk test.