Table 4

Survival by patient characteristics, bystander response, and LAS treatment for exercise SCA

NPer centNPer cent
Ageχ2=5.91, df=7, p=NS
Initial rhythmχ2=17.49, df=2, p<0.001
Bystander CPRχ2=3.25, df=1, p<0.1
Pre-LAS defibrillationFisher's exact test: p<0.05
LAS defibrillationχ2=4.85, df=1, p<0.05
Advanced airway management*χ2=24.03, df=1, p<0.001
  • *Patient received intubation and/or a supraglottic airway; use of intubation was not recorded for two patients, these cases have been excluded from this analysis.

  • LAS, London Ambulance Service; PEA, pulseless electrical activity; SCA, sudden cardiac arrest; VF/VT, ventricular fibrillation/ventricular tachycardia.