Table 2

Survival to discharge following exercise-related SCA

Exercise SCAPresumed cardiac OHCA*
All cases where resuscitation was attempted and a cardiac cause presumed
 ROSC before hospital†41%
 ROSC sustained to hospital41%28%χ2=6.42, df=1, p<0.05
 Survival to discharge‡32% (30/95)10% (621/6570)χ2=49.54, df=1, p<0.001
 Survival‡42% (21/50)28% (281/1022)
  • *Cases where resuscitation was attempted.

  • †ROSC before hospital was not available for the OHCA sample in 2011–2012.

  • ‡Cases with missing outcome data are excluded from the denominator.

  • §Cases where resuscitation was attempted, cardiac aetiology was presumed, bystander witnessed and initial rhythm of VF/VT.

  • OHCA, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest; ROSC, return of spontaneous circulation; SCA, sudden cardiac arrest.