Table 2

Effect of cardiovascular risk factors on infarct size by robust multivariate regression analysis

β Coefficient (×103 AU)95% CIp Value
Age−0.8(−1.4 to −0.2)0.005*
Male gender6.3(−9.4 to 21.9)0.43
Hypertension−12.5(−25.8 to 0.8)0.07
Dyslipidemia0.05(−13.1 to 13.2)0.99
Smoking17.2(3.3 to to 31.2)0.02*
Diabetes−8.2(−25.8 to −9.5)0.37
Obesity−7.1(−23.7 to 9.6)0.41
  • β Coefficient: regression coefficient estimated by robust regression adjusting for the study number, treatment group and area at risk size.