Table 1

Baseline clinical characteristics

Control group (n=91)PostC group (n=82)p Value
Age, years59±1257±130.16
Male sex, %
Body mass index, kg/m226.4±4.126.6±4.50.77
Hypertension, %48.339.00.28
Diabetes, %19.813.40.36
Smoking, %53.862.20.38
Dyslipidemia, %48.446.30.91
Admission haemodynamics
 Heart rate, bpm71±1674±180.24
 Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg130±26133±270.48
Ischaemia time, min259±140283±1810.32
LV and coronary angiography
 LV ejection fraction, %54±1150±120.06
 Multivessel status, %
 Anterior infarct, %52.751.20.96
 ACS, %34.8±12.540.3±12.30.007*
 Thromboaspiration, %40.725.60.05
 Direct stenting, %100100NA
  • Data are presented as a percentage or as the mean±SD.

  • *Statistically significant.

  • ACS, abormality coronary segments; LV, left ventricular; PostC, postconditioning.