Table 2

Basic demographics in patients with and without inappropriate shock (Inapp shock)

Patient characteristicsInapp shock +(n=18)Inapp shock–(n=241)p Value
Male16 (89)186 (77)NS
Primary prevention11 (61)135 (56)NS
Single-chamber5 (28)72 (30)NS
Dual-chamber7 (39)71 (29)NS
CRT-D6 (33)98 (41)NS
Ischaemic heart disease10 (56)132 (55)NS
Left ventricular ejection fraction33.3±13.433.9±13NS
History of AF12 (67)84 (35)0.007
CHADS2 score1.8±1.01.7±1.2NS
CHA2DS2VASc score2.8±1.53.1±1.7NS
  • Values shown are mean±SD or n (%).

  • AF, atrial fibrillation; CRT-D, cardiac resynchronisation therapy+defibrillator.