Table 1

Baseline demographics and comorbidities in primary and secondary prevention patients

ParametersSecondary (n=113)Primary (n=146)p Value
Age, years64.7±1265±12NS
Male94 (83)108 (74)NS
Follow-up, months39±2430±22<0.001
Ischaemic heart disease69 (61)73 (50)NS
Left ventricular ejection fraction40±1429±10<0.001
History of atrial fibrillation42 (37)54 (37)NS
CHADS2 score1.6±1.31.8±1.1NS
CHA2DS2-VASc score3.0±1.73.1±1.6NS
Single-chamber ICD37 (33)40 (27)<0.001
Dual-chamber ICD48 (42)30 (21)NS
CRT-D28 (25)76 (52)NS
  • Values shown are mean±SD or n (%).

  • CRT-D, cardiac resynchronisation therapy+defibrillator; ICD, implantable cardioverter defibrillator; NS, not significant.