Table 1

Patient characteristics in over-all population and according to frailty status

 Over-all populationFrailty status
(n=746)Non-frail (n=665)Frail (n=81)P value
Age (years)62.2±12.061.1±11.571.2±12.2<0.001
Female (%)29.927.251.9<0.001
Height (m)1.7±0.11.7±0.11.7±0.10.222
Weight (kg)81.7±16.282.3±15.576.7±20.10.006
Risk factor and comorbidities
NY risk of mortality2.2±6.71.6±4.27.4±15.6<0.001
Hypertension (%)39.53760<0.001
Diabetes mellitus, %14.613.126.60.002
Dyslipidaemia, %4141.948.80.09
Peripheral vascular disease, %7.46.613.60.015
Previous TIA/stroke, %2.62%7.50.003
Chronic renal failure, %
Chronic heart failure, %
Clinical and laboratory data
STEMI, %39.639.341.80.263
Emergency PCI, %44.243.748.750.335
Haemodynamic instability, %119.8210.002
Cardiogenic shock, %
Severe LV impairment, %
3 vessels disease, %11.510.4210.005
LMS disease, %5.54.712.30.003
  • LMS, left main stem; LV, left ventricle; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; NY, New York; STEMI, ST segment elevation myocardial infarction; TIA, transient ischaemic attack.