Table 2

Characteristics in men and women in relation to CCTA and follow-up

Women (n=1920)Men (n=1621)p Value
 Volume of contrast (mL)60 (60–80)80 (60–90)<0.001
 Radiation dose (mSv)2.6 (1.2–6.4)3.3 (1.6–8.3)<0.001
 CAC score (Hounsfield units)0 (0–351)33 (0–701)<0.001
  CAC score 057.037.6
  CAC score 1–9921.826.5
  CAC score 100–39911.817.1
  CAC score 400–9995.612.4
  CAC score ≥10003.76.5<0.001
Consequence of CCTA
 Referred for coronary angiography15.5%24.4%<0.001
 Referred for perfusion scan4.0%5.3%0.07
Proportion having coronary angiography or coronary revascularisation during follow-up
 Coronary angiography18.3%28.5%<0.001
 Percutaneous coronary revascularisation4.0%8.9%<0.001
 Coronary artery bypass surgery1.3%3.2%<0.001
  • Values are medians with 10th and 90th centiles in parentheses for continuous variables and percentages for categorical variables. The test used for categorical variables was Pearson's χ2 test. The test used for continuous variables was the Mann–Whitney test. Number of missing values: volume of contrast, 171; radiation dose, 87; CAC score, 356; consequence of CCTA, 101.

  • CAC, coronary artery calcium; CCTA, coronary CT angiography.