Table 5

PRLs resulting from hypothetical routine diversion of all ACS patients away from referral hospitals with low or no PCI capability: individual hospital results

Summary level for community hospital financial dataAnnual PRL (%)
MinimumMedianMean90th centile99th centileMaximum
All hospitals (n=112)0.211.491.682.774.875.83
Community location
 Small urban/rural (n=10)0.291.531.533.033.743.74
 Small rural/large urban (n=16)0.221.451.573.343.683.69
 Medium metropolitan (n=22)0.331.541.893.444.884.87
 Major metropolitan (n=64)0.511.481.652.695.835.83
PCI capability in 2006
 None performed (n=78)0.221.491.612.734.874.87
 1–11 (n=26)0.671.381.673.094.694.69
 12–51 (n=3)
 52+ (n=5)1.802.532.955.835.835.83
Patients with STEMI in 2006
 1–11 (n=53)
 12–51 (n=51)0.591.841.902.734.874.87
 52+ (n=8)1.792.893.255.835.835.83
Hospital revenue center*
 Cardiology procedures† (n=99/100)0.005.407.1114.4229.8833.74
 Intensive or coronary care unit (n=107/107)0.653.083.676.6610.9813.30
 Radiology (n=112/112)
 Pharmacy (n=112/112)0.081.561.793.245.776.45
Patient payment type*
 Medicare patients (n=112/112)0.251.952.123.595.536.51
 Medicaid patients (n=94/112)0.020.801.112.2515.0215.02
 Commercial payer Patients (n=109/112)0.020.821.162.515.015.33
 Self-pay/under-insured patients (n=98/112)
 Charity patients (n=52/79)0.241.532.425.6510.3210.32
Other (n=65/110)0.020.981.644.267.467.46
  • *For each revenue center and payment type, in the labels below the numerator=the # of hospitals with non-zero charges for patients with STEMI and the denominator=the # of hospitals with non-zero charges for all patients.

  • †Cardiology procedures include angiocardiography, cardiac catheterisation laboratory, cardiology, EKG and ECG.

  • ACS, acute coronary syndrome; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; PRL, projected revenue loss; STEMI, ST-elevation myocardial infarction.