Table 4

Comparison of treatments, investigations and outcomes by study

NMUH age ≥75 years (n=261)NHF audit 2012–20133 (n=36 504)EHFS II ≥80 years5 (n=3580)
Diuretics (%)81.4 (loop only)91 (loop only)93
ACEi/ARB (%)64.68576
β (%) Blocker49.38253
ARA (%)28.74938
Echo (%)23.5 (inpatient only)9181
Median LOS7 days8 days
Mortality (%)Inpatient—13Inpatient—9.4Inpatient—10.7
Median 337 days—30.7Median 222 days—15.612 month—28.4
  • ACEi, ACE inhibitor; ARA, aldosterone receptor antagonist; ARB, angiotensin receptor blocker; EHFS, European Heart Failure Survey; LOS, length of stay; NHF, National Heart Failure; NMUH, North Middlesex University Hospital.