Table 1

Baseline population demographic characteristics and risk prevalence

Author(s)Publish (year)Trial (study name)Total (n)Follow-up (year)Incident HF (n)Cumu incidence (%)Age (years)Male (%)Risk ratioStats model usedSmoke (%)BMIDM (%)CAD (%)LVH (%)HTN (%)VHD (%)
1Ho et al231993Framingham and offspring (USA)9405*40*652*RRCPH
Kannel et al24199915 267 pe*38*486*ORPLR
Ho et al252013634085128.160±1246HRCPH2227±4788461
2Butler et al26
Kalogeropoulos et al17
Health ABC study (USA)293472588.874±2.948HR RRCPH MH5627.3±4.815171243
3He et al152001NHANES (USA)13 64319138210.150±1541Risk ratioCPH3525.6±545285
4Agarwal et al272012ARIC (USA)13 55516148711.054±5.845HRCPH2527.6±5.210421
5Goyal et al282010Million P-Yr (USA)359 947540011.138±1447HRCPH31121
6Bahrami et al29
Bahrami et al30
MESA (USA)68144791.265±0.747HRCPH4928.4±0.1141048
7Gottdiener et al16
Mujib et al21
Cardio Vascular Health (USA)56251259710.673±4.542RR HRCPH CPH541758
8Chen et al311999EPESE (USA)174981739.974±6.841HRCPH781154
9Bibbins-Domingo et al322009CARDIA (USA)511520270.524±3.545HRCPH3124.5±4.8263
10Ingelsson et al332005ULSAM (Sweden)23212925911.250±0.0100HRCPH5125±3.260243
11Wang et al342010Kuopio (Finland)10322130329.469±2.838HRCPH2927.2±4.01773126
12Aronow et al351999Mt Sinai (USA)2902479427.481±8.032HRCPH254446
13Smith et al362010MDCS (Sweden)5187141122.258±5.941HRCPH2725.7±3.98217
14Kenchaiah et al372009Physician's heart (USA)21 0942111095.353±9.4100HRCPH4824.8±1.43924
15Brouwers et al382013Prevend (the Netherlands)8592123744.449±1250HRCPH3826±4.04632
Sum1993–201315 studies456 85019811 467
Mean (weighted)30 457733230.974249392642.236161
SD (weighted)1.08110.1112.692.70310.23130.2
Maximum359 94729400129.36811007828254431585
  • *Duplicated counts from a single study, not included in total and cumulated incidence.

  • ARIC, the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities; BMI, body mass index; CAD, coronary artery disease; CARDIA, Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults; CPH, Cox proportional hazard; Cumu incidence, cumulative incident rate; CVH, Cardio Vascular Health study; DM, diabetes mellitus; EPESE, Established Population for Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly programme; FHS, Framingham Heart Study; HABC, Health Aging and Body Composite Study; HF, heart failure; HTN, hypertension; Kuopio, Kuopio Finland study; LVH, left ventricular hypertrophy; MDCS, the Malmo Diet and Cancer Study in Swedish people; MESA, Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis; MH, Mantel-Haenszel; Million P-Yr, One Million Person-Year study; Mt Sinai, Study at Mt Sinai; NHANES, National Health Nutrition Examination Survey; pe, person examination; Physician Heart, the Physician heart study; PLR, pooled logistic regression; Prevend, Prevention of Renal and Vascular End-stage Disease; P-Yr, person year; RR, relative risk; ULSAM, Uppsala Longitudinal Study of Adult men; VHD, valvular heart disease.