Table 1

Outcome data from included trials of diet and events for intervention (Int) and control (Ctrl) groups

TypeYearsDietAll deaths
CHD deaths
Change in mean serum cholesterol Int/Ctrl (%)
Rose Corn oil28/26 (under 70)S264 g corn oil/day5/15/1 deaths−7.6/−1.2
Rose Olive oil (1965)1426/26 (under 70)S258 g olive oil/day3/13/1 deaths−0.4/−1.2
Research Committee Low-fat Diet (1965)15123/129 (under 65)S340 g fat/day20/2417/20 deaths−16.9/−12.4
MRC Soybean Oil (1968)16199/194 (under 60)S3.485 g soya-bean oil/day+many banned foods28/3127/25 deaths−16.9/−5.9
LA Veterans Study (1969)17424/422 (age 55+)P/S840% cals from fat, 2/3 fat from veg oils174/17741/50 deaths−18.0/−14.1
Oslo Diet Heart Study (1970)18 19206/206 (30–64 year)S1140% cals from fat, 72% fat from soya-bean oil101/10879/94 deaths−17.6/−3.7 (5 year data)
The Sydney Diet Heart Study (1978)20221/237 (30–59 year)S510% sat/15% poly vs 14% sat/9% poly39/2835/25 deaths−11.0/−7.1
TOTAL1227/1240370/370207/216Mean −12.6/−6.5
S.D. 6.7/5.1
  • P, primary study; S, secondary study.