Table 2

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) referrals for presumed sudden unexpected death participants referred from 1 March to 29 June 2013

NPer cent
Death certificate available105(100)
Death at primary residence88(83.8)
Death in public area*15(14.3)
Death unwitnessed100(95.2)
Unknown hours since last seen alive†84(84.0)
Last seen alive less than 24 h before death†11(11.0)
Last seen alive over 24 h before death†5(5.0)
Medical data collected95(90.5)
ECG collected26(24.8)
  • EMS's chief narratives were examined for witnessed/unwitnessed data; if narrative did not indicate that the death was witnessed, the death was considered unwitnessed.

  • *Location was considered public area if it was not the participant's primary residence or a healthcare facility, such as a nursing home or assisted living facility.

  • †These data points were taken for participants with unwitnessed deaths only.