Table 1

Characteristics of the 5 Italian Surveys

StudyEnrolment periodNumber of participating centresPercentage of centres with catheterisation laboratoryTarget populationNumber of patients with NSTEMI enrolledPercentage of patients with NSTEMI ≥75 years old
BLITZ15–29 October 200129644.6Consecutive patients with STEMI and NSTEMI58033.1
BLITZ-26–27 May 200327541.2Consecutive patients with NSTEACS105932.8
IN-ACS OUTCOME2 December 2005–8 February 20083847.4Consecutive patients with ACS232739.7
BLITZ-415 September–30 November 2009 and 15 February–30 April 201016383.0Consecutive patients with ACS451143.0
MANTRA22 April 2009–29 December 20105265.4Consecutive patients with ACS250637.8
  • ACS, acute coronary syndrome; CCUs, cardiac care units; NSTEACS, non-ST elevation ACS; NSTEMI, non-ST elevation myocardial infarction; STEMI, ST elevation myocardial infarction.