Table 1

General characteristics of included studies

Study (reference)Sample size (N)Definition of CINTime of definitionEvents (n)Renal function defining inclusion or exclusion
Acikel et al218080Increase in S Cr or serum Cystatin C or GFRWithin 48 h01Exclusion: CRF requiring dialysis and/or mod-severe decrease in GFR <60 mL/min/1.73 m2
Han et al1314981500S Cr ≥0.5 mg/dL or 25% above baselineWithin 72 h3458Inclusion: Stage 2 or stage 3 CKD
Exclusion: Stage 0,1,4 or 5 CKD
Jo et al26118118Increase of either ≥25% or 0.5 mg/dL in S Cr Within 48 h34Inclusion: Cr.Cl <60 mL/min or baseline S Cr ≥1.1 mg/dL
Leoncini et al14252252S Cr ≥0.5 mg/dL or ≥25% above baselineWithin 72 h1738Exclusion: ARF or ESRD requiring dialysis or S Cr ≥3 mg/dL
Li et al277883S Cr >0.5 mg/dL or 25% above baselineWithin 24 h213Exclusion: h/o renal dysfunction, patient on dialysis treatment
Ozhan et al256070Increase in S Cr >0.5  mg/dL or >25% from baselineWithin 48 h27Exclusion: (e)GFR <70 mL/min or pre-procedural
S Cr >1.5 mg/dL
Patti et al24120121Increase in S Cr ≥0.5 mg/dL or 25% from baselineWithin 48 h616Exclusion: Renal failure with S Cr >3 mg/dL
Quintavalle et al23202208Increase >10% of S Cystatin C levelWithin 24 h937Inclusion: Estimated GFR <60 mL/min/1.73 m2. Patients with dialysis were excluded
Toso et al22151152 Increase of S Cr ≥0.5 mg/dLWithin 5 days1516Inclusion: Baseline Cr Cl <60 mL/min (CGF)
  • ARF, acute renal failure; CIN, contrast-induced nephropathy; CKD, chronic kidney disease; Cr.Cl, creatinine clearance; GFR, glomerular filtration rate; S Cr, serum creatinine.