Table 1

Amount of sugar in common food items93

Food itemAmount of sugar (g)Portion
 Mountain Dew7720 oz
 Sobe mango melon7020 oz
 Minute maid lemonade6720 oz
 Coca-cola6520 oz
 Rockstar energy drink6216 oz
 Vitamin water, B-relaxed jackfruit and guava flavor3320 oz
 Yoplait yogurt, strawberry276 oz
 Power bar, chocolate peanut butter231 bar
Breakfast foods
 Cinnabon cinnamon roll551 pastry
 Pop tarts, frosted cherry342 pastries
 Frosted flakes gold cereal251 bowl
 Nutrigrain cereal bar, strawberry131 bar
 Kraft spicy honey BBQ Sauce132 tablespoons
 Heinz tomato ketchup82 tablespoons
 Prego Marinara Spaghetti sauce7One-half cup