TableĀ 5

Multivariate analyses in terms of apical contraction and apical LGE

Impaired apical contraction
VariablesOR95% CIp Value
fQRS8.321.80 to 38.50.01
PR1.031.00 to 1.060.04
Sokolow-Lyon voltage0.740.44 to 1.240.22
ST0.080.00 to 18.60.31
T wave1.890.43 to 8.320.41
Apical LGE
VariablesOR95% CIp Value
fQRS8.611.51 to 49.10.02
PR1.010.99 to 1.040.33
QRS1.040.98 to 1.100.19
ST26.70.13 to 53220.22
  • fQRS, fragmented QRS complexes; LGE, late gadolinium enhancement.