Table 3

Comparison of TTE parameters in terms of apical contraction

NormalHypokineticDyskineticp Value
LVDd (mm)45.6±7.747.3±6.246.4±7.60.79
LVDs (mm)27.2±5.627.7±3.929.0±4.90.61
IVST (mm)13.8±3.413.1±2.711.6±3.70.20
PWT (mm)12.1±2.510.9±1.510.9±2.10.14
LVEF (%)70.9±9.472.3±8.067.7±4.60.41
LVFS (%)40.0±7.640.2±5.037.7±3.80.55
LAD (mm)37.1±6.539.2±5.341.2±4.90.14
E/A ratio0.85±0.241.07±0.430.96±0.390.17
DcT (ms)226.8±37.5209.5±60.7212.2±56.80.55
E/e’ ratio15.5±4.715.5±4.713.4±4.40.45
  • Each value is mean±SD.

  • DcT, deceleration time of early left ventricular inflow; E/A, the ratio of E and A waves in mitral inflow velocities; E/e', the ratio of E wave and early peak of diastolic annular velocity (e'); IVST and PWT, thickness of interventricular septum and posterior wall; LAD, left atrial dimension; LVDd and LVDs, left ventricular end-diastolic and end-systolic dimensions; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; LVFS, left ventricular fractional shortening; TTE, transthoracic echocardiography.