Table 4

Comparison of ECG parameters in terms of apical contraction

NormalHypokineticDyskineticp Value
HR (bpm)65.5±11.465.4±16.067.4±11.90.92
PR (ms)163.7±26.9173.1±38.4189.6±25.40.07
QRS (ms)100.0±15.796.7±19.9102.2±7.070.69
QT (ms)429±30.7438±44.2421±43.10.55
QTc (ms)440±26.0452±15.2437±31.50.33
Sokolow-Lyon voltage (mV)4.89±1.484.42±1.833.50±1.750.07
Max ST (mV)−0.14±0.18−0.18±0.140.02±0.18***0.02
Max T waves (mV)−1.02±0.63−1.02±0.40−0.43±0.59*0.02
fQRS6 (22.2%)7 (58.3%)8 (72.7%)0.01
  • Each value is mean±SD or number (%). *p<0.05 vs Normal, **p<0.05 vs hypokinetic by Scheffe's post hoc analyses after one-way analysis of variance.

  • fQRS, fragmented QRS complexes; HR, heart rate; Max ST, maximum level of ST change; Max T waves, maximum amplitude of positive or negative T waves at lateral precordial leads; QTc, corrected QT interval.