Table 1

Intravascular and angiographic imaging analyses at baseline and at 28-day follow-up following PCB delivery in porcine coronary arteries

Crystalline coating (n=8)Amorphous coating (n=9)POBA control (n=9)
 RVD (mm)3.09±0.13.00±0.13.05±0.1
 Stent to artery ratio1.46±0.11.35±0.11.48±0.1
 Balloon to artery ratio1.46±0.11.41±0.11.46±0.1
 Poststent MLD (mm)3.28±0.23.08±0.33.13±0.2
28-day follow-up
 RVD (mm)2.69±0.32.65±0.22.60±0.2
 MLD (mm)1.62±0.61.41±0.31.25±0.7
 Diameter stenosis (%)38.8±2446.9±10.51.8±25
 Lumen area (mm2)5.08±0.8*2.76±0.283.1±2.3
 Stent area (mm2)10.65±0.49.12±0.3†10.45±1
 Neointimal area (mm2)5.57±0.76.36±0.37.20±1.8
 Area stenosis (%)53.1±14*69.7±1171.2±18
 Neointimal thickness (mm)0.63±0.10.80±0.10.80±0.2
  • *p<0.05 vs Amorphous and POBA.

  • †p<0.05 vs Crystalline and POBA.

  • MLD, minimal lumen diameter; OCT, optical coherence tomography; PCB, paclitaxel-coated balloons; POBA, plain balloon angioplasty; QVA, quantitative vessel analysis; RVD, reference vessel diameter.