Table 1

Chronic heavy drinking and ischaemic heart disease (IHD) risk in men, 1967–2013

Heavy drinking group, IHD end pointReference groupNumber of studiesNumber of events*Number of chronic heavy drinkersRelative risk95% CIp Value†I2 (%)
Chronic heavy drinking (population samples)
 IncidenceLifetime abstainers1195435 7561.040.83 to 1.310.01654
 MortalityLifetime abstainers561834 1821.000.74 to 1.360.02664
 MorbidityLifetime abstainers32994711.130.78 to 1.630.970
 IncidenceCurrent abstainers14126850 8050.830.70 to 0.98<0.00173
 MortalityCurrent abstainers985346 4500.850.67 to 1.08<0.00174
 MorbidityCurrent abstainers21938840.780.21 to 2.900.00687
Patients with AUD (clinical samples)
 MortalityGeneral population976118 7581.621.34 to 1.95<0.00181
  • See Methods section for definitions of chronic heavy drinking groups.

  • *In chronic heavy drinking groups.

  • †For heterogeneity (Cochran's Q).