Table 1

Study design, year of study, country of origin and participant inclusion criteria

Study IDDesignDate of studyNumber of centresCountryInclusion criteria
Amlani et al 32Prospective cohortMay 2003 to July 2007Single centreCanadaPatients with STEMI
Ariza-Sole et al 33Prospective cohortOctober 2009 to April 2012Single centreSpainPatients with STEMI
Barthélémy et al 20Prospective cohortNASingle centreFrancePatients in E-Paris Registry with STEMI and PCI
Bertrand et al 34Post hoc analysis of RCTOctober 2003 to April 2005Single centreCanadaPatients in EASY trial with PCI without STEMI
Boden et al 35CohortNANAThe NetherlandsPatients with STEMI and PCI
Budaj et al 36Post hoc analysis of RCTNAMulticentreInternationalPatients with NSTEMI ACS. Note that only 64–79% had PCI
Cayla et al 18Post hoc analysis of RCTNAMulticentreFrancePatients in ABOARD trial with NSTEMI and PCI
Cayla et al 37Post hoc analysis of RCTNAMulticentreInternationalPatients in ATOLL study with STEMI and PCI
Chhatriwalla et al 14Matched cohort2004 to 2011MulticentreUSAPatients in the CathPCI Registry
Correia et al 38CohortAugust 2007 to December 2010MulticentreBrazilPatients with ACS. Note that only 76–90% had coronary angiogram
Eikelboom et al 28Post hoc analysis of RCTsNAMulticentreInternationalPatients in OASIS 1 and 2 and CURE who had ACS. Note that only 10–11% had PCI/stent/atherectomy
Fuchs et al 21Prospective cohortJanuary 2001 to June 2005Single centreIsraelPatients with STEMI and PCI
Gitt et al 39CohortOctober 2006 to October 2008MulticentreInternationalPatients with ACS. Note that only 65–82% had primary/rescue PCI
Giugliano et al 8Post hoc analysis of RCTNAMulticentreInternationalPatients in ExTRACT-TIMI 25 trial where patients received fibrinolysis
Hermanides et al 22Prospective cohortJanuary 1991 to December 2004Single centreThe NetherlandsPatients with STEMI and PCI
Kaul et al 40Post hoc analysis of RCTMay 2004 to August 2008MulticentreInternationalPatients with NSTEMI
Kikkert et al 41Prospective cohortJanuary 2003 to July 2008Single centreThe NetherlandsPatients with STEMI and PCI
Kinnaird et al 11Retrospective cohort1991 to 2000NAUSAPatients who underwent PCI
Le May et al 42CohortMay 2005 to July 2010NACanadaPatients with STEMI and PCI
Lee et al 43Prospective cohortFebruary 2003 to March 2006NAKoreaPatients with PCI with DES
Lemesle et al 27CohortJanuary 2000 to December 2007Single centreUSAPatients ≥80 years of age with PCI
Lindsey et al 44Prospective cohortJuly 2004 to January 2006MulticentreUSAPatients in EVENT registry with PCI
Lopes et al 45Retrospective cohortNovember 2001 to December 2006MulticentreUSAPatients in CRUSADES registry and subset with PCI
Matic et al 46CohortAugust 2009 to December 2012NASerbiaPatients with STEMI and PCI
Matic et al 47CohortAugust 2009 to December 2010NASerbiaPatients with STEMI and PCI
Matic et al 48Prospective cohortAugust 2009 to December 2010NASerbiaPatients with STEMI and PCI
Mehran et al 2Post hoc analysis of RCTsNAMulticentreInternationalPatients in REPLACE-2, ACUITY and HORIZONS-AMI trial with PCI
Montalescot et al 25Post hoc analysis of RCTDecember 2005 to December 2006MulticentreInternationalPatients in STEEPLE trial who underwent elective PCI
Mrdovic et al 49CohortFebruary 2006 to December 2009Single centreSerbiaPatients with STEMI and PCI
Musumeci et al 50CohortJune 2005 to June 2008MulticentreItalyPatients with PCI and DES
Ndrepepa et al 17Post hoc analysis of RCTSeptember 2005 to January 2008NAGermanyPatients in ISAR-REACT-3 trial with PCI
Ndrepepa et al 23Post hoc analysis of RCTNANAGermanyPatients in ISAR-REACT, ISAR-SWEET, ISAR-SMART and ISAR-REACT-2 trials with PCI
Pierre-Louis et al 51CohortNANAUSAPatients with ACS and PCI
Pilgrim and Wenaweser 52CohortMay 2002 to December 2005Single centreSwitzerlandPatients with PCI
Polanska-Skrzypczyk et al 53Prospective cohortFebruary 2001 to October 2002Single centrePolandPatients with STEMI and PCI
Poludasu et al 54Prospective cohortJuly 2001 to May 2010MulticentreUSAPatient with PCI
Rao et al 24Post hoc analysis of RCTsNAMulticentreInternationalPatients in GUSTO IIb, PURSUIT and PARAGON A/B. Note that only 11–30% had PCI
Rossini et al 55CohortNANAUSAPatients with PCI and DES
Urban et al 56Prospective cohortMay 2006 to April 2008MulticentreInternationalPatients in e-SELECT registry with PCI and DES
Valente et al 19Prospective cohortJanuary 2004 to December 2008Single centreItalyPatients in Intensive Cardiac Care Florence STEMI Registry who had STEMI and PCI
Yoon et al 57CohortNANAKoreaPatients in IRS DES registry with PCI and DES
Zheng et al 58Retrospective cohortJanuary 2004 to January 2008Single centreChinaPatients with elective or urgent PCI
  • ACS, acute coronary syndromes; DES, drug-eluting stent; NA, not applicable; NSTEMI, non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; RCT, randomised controlled trial; STEMI, ST-elevation myocardial infarction.