Table 2

Timing of bleeding, definition of major bleeding and follow-up

Study IDTiming of bleedingMajor/severe bleeding criteriaNumber of participants in bleeding groupNumber of participants in control groupFollow-up
Amlani et al 32Within 30 daysHaemoglobin drop ≥5 g/dL, intracranial haemorrhage, bleeding requiring surgery or blood transfusion of at least 2 units152 (67 had PCI)1237 (566 had PCI)30 days
Ariza-Sole et al 33In-hospitalCRUSADE331031Mean follow-up 344 days
Barthélémy et al 20In-hospitalTIMI, GUSTO, STEEPLETotal 671NA1 year
Bertrand et al 34UnclearREPLACE-219132930 days, 6 months, 1 year
Boden et al 35In-hospitalCRUSADE2037621 year
Budaj et al 36Up to 180 daysESSENCE771 (30 days), 937 (180 days)18 851 (30 days), 18 851(180 days)180 days
Cayla et al 1830 daysSTEEPLE1933330 days
Cayla et al 3730 daysSTEEPLE4286830 days
Chhatriwalla et al 14In-hospitalCathPCI Registry definition56 078224 312In-hospital
Correia et al 38In-hospitalBARC type 3 or 529426In-hospital
Eikelboom et al 28Within 30 daysBleeding that was significantly disabling, bleeding requiring transfusion of ≥2 units of packed cells or bleeding that was life threatening783336330-day mortality
Fuchs et al 21UnclearTIMI2780430 days and 6 months
Gitt et al 39In-hospitalDrop in haemoglobin of >5 g/dL or haematocrit of >15%2818451In-hospital
Giugliano et al 8Up to day 8TIMI30920 01430 days
Hermanides et al 2248 hTIMI80437130 days and 1 year
Kaul et al 40Up to 120 h after randomisationGUSTO598880830 days
Kikkert et al 41UnclearTIMI353311–30 days
Kinnaird et al 11UnclearTIMI5888992In-hospital
Le May et al 42UnclearTIMI9119416 months
Lee et al 43Median 1366 daysSTEEPLE1483022Median 1366 days
Lemesle et al 27In-hospitalDecrease in haematocrit of ≥15% and/or the occurrence of a major haematoma/gastrointestinal bleeding/intracerebral bleeding12726396 months
Lindsey et al 44In-hospitalTIMI18057811 year
Lopes et al 45In-hospitalCRUSADE390228 99330 days, 1 year, 3 year, >3 years
Matic et al 46UnclearGUSTO32738In-hospital
Matic et al 47UnclearHORIZONS-AMI88115430 day
Matic et al 48UnclearBARC11415581 year
Mehran et al 230 daysTIMI26717 034Up to 1 year
Montalescot et al 2548 hSTEEPLE3528 (total)NA1 year
Mrdovic et al 49UnclearTIMI22207430 days and 1 year
Musumeci et al 5030 days, 12 months, any follow-upTIMI5213853 years
Ndrepepa et al 17UnclearREPLACE-255540151 year
Ndrepepa et al 23In-hospitalTIMI, REPLACE-2, BARCTotal 12 459NA30 days, 1 year
Pierre-Louis et al 51In-hospitalIntracerebral or intraocular bleeding, clinical bleeding requiring blood transfusion, clinical bleeding with a reduction in haematocrit >10 points, retroperitoneal or gastrointestinal bleeding, access site bleeding requiring intervention, and ≥4 cm diameter vascular access site haematoma34600In-hospital
Pilgrim and Wenaweser52In-hospitalTIMI48378730 days
Polanska-Skrzypczyk et al 53In-hospitalTIMI4010241 year
Poludasu et al 54UnclearHORIZONS-AMI39611 5952.3 years
Rao et al 24UnclearGUSTO290823 544Up to 6 months
Rossini et al 55UnclearTIMI5713011 year
Urban et al 56UnclearSTEEPLETotal 15 147NA360 days
Valente et al 19In-hospitalTIMI, ACUITYTotal 991NAIn-ICCU
Yoon et al 57In-hospitalBARC type 2–523459322 years
Zheng et al 58UnclearTIMI273851 year
  • ICCU, intensive coronary care unit; NA, not applicable; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention.