TableĀ 2

Major cell-based therapy randomised controlled trials

OriginCell typeTrial namePhaseAdministrationPatient cohortNumber of participantsMain effect
BMMNCREPAIR-AMI44IIICAMI + PCI204Improved LVEF, decreased mortality
BELGIUM47IIICAMI + PCI67Reduced scar size but no difference in myocardial perfusion
BOOST48IIICAMI + PCI60Improved EF in short term with a single dose
TIME/Late TIME53 54IIICAMI + PCI120Negative for LV function and infarct size
Cao et al105I/IIICAMI + PCI86Safe, improved EF but similar myocardial perfusion to placebo
FINCELL52I/IIICAMI + PCI80Safe, improved EF
HEBE50IIICAMI + PCI200Negative
BONAMI51IIICAMI + PCI101Improved LV viability on SPECT imaging
Hu et al56IIIMICM + CABG60Improved LV function and exercise tolerance
FOCUS-CCTRN57IIIM PCICM no option92Negative
Pokushalov et al58IIIM PCICM no option109Improved mortality, LV function, HF symptoms at 12-month
CELLWAVE59I/IIICICM no option103Improved LVEF and contractility, delivery of cells following shockwave
CD34+Patel et al64I/IIIMICM +CABG20Improved LV function
Losordo et al66IIIM PCAngina no option167Improved exercise time, reduced CP frequency
ALDH+Perin et al63I/IIIM PCICM no option20Improved LVESV, potentially improved myocardial perfusion and oxygen consumption
MSCChen et al69I/IIICAMI + PCI69Improved LV function and myocardial perfusion
Chen et al70I/IIICICM + PCI45Improved LV function, exercise time, symptoms and myocardial perfusion
Prochymal allogeneic71I/IIIntravenousAMI + PCI53Improved EF
POSEIDON72I/IIIM PCICM no option30Autologous cells improved exercise time, allogeneic cells reduced LVESV
C-CUREI/IIIM PCICM no option47Safe, improved LVEF, exercise tolerance, and performance
FatMSCAPOLLO75IICAMI + PCI13Improved perfusion and reduced scar size
PRECISE76IICICM no option27Safe. Improved oxygen consumption and reduced scar size.
HeartCDCCADUCEUS85IICRecent MI25Reduced scar size
c-kitSCIPIO84IICICM no option16Improved LV function and reduced scar size
  • ALDH, alcohol dehydrogenase; AMI, acute myocardial ischaemia; BM, bone marrow; CABG, coronary artery bypass graft; CDC, cardiosphere-derived cells; EF, ejection fraction; HF, heart failure; IC,intracoronary; ICM, ischaemic cardiomyopathy; IM, intramyocardial; LV, left ventricular; LVESV, left ventricular end-systolic volume; MNC, mononuclear cells; MSC, mesenchymal stem cells; PC, percutaneous; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention.