22 e-Letters

  • Cardiovascular disease 1 - 0 Diabesity
    Philip D Thompson

    The current dietary guidelines are strongly associated (at least temporally) with an exponential growth in obesity and Type 2 diabetes. These unintended consequences may have arisen due to increased consumption of carbohydrate in order to reduce fat in the diet.

    If the guidelines cannot rely on a solid basis of science then they should be withdrawn and re-written. There is a precedent - we no longer have limits...

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  • Both sugar and salt activates the sympathetic nervous system
    Carlos Monteiro

    I beg to differ from the authors about the etiology of CVD and hypertension related to sugar and salt. Both high carbohydrate diets (sugar) and salt (1-5) activates the sympathetic nervous system as well stress, ageing, air pollution, salt, smoke, hypertension, diabetes, etc...; The sympathetic activation may represent the true cause of coronary artery disease according our acidity theory of atherosclerosis developed in...

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