Table 1

Low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (LDL-C) and the average lipid-lowering potency (ALLP) in nurse-coordinated care (NCC) versus usual care patients at baseline and 6 and 12 months follow-up

Usual care
Usual care
p Value†NCC
Usual care
p Value†
On lipid-lowering medication, n (%)350 (96%)352 (96%)345 (96%)335 (96%)0.70331 (93%)328 (94%)0.64
LDL-C OT (≤2.5 mmol/L)247 (68%)249 (68%)284 (80%)241 (69%)<0.001263 (74%)223 (64%)<0.01
Total ALLP‡ (% LDL-C lowering)14.36613.94315.00314.030NA14.56413.964NA
  • *At baseline differences not statistically significant at the 5% level.

  • †Calculated between NCC and usual care (between-groups).

  • ‡ALLP: the ALLP as an indicator of lipid-lowering medication intensity using the method by Besseling et al 12 (ref).

  • Total ALLP is the sum of the prescribed lipid-lowering potencies (%) per group.

  • NA, not applicable; OT, on target.