Table 3

Resource use over 12 months

Planned invasive test
Usual care strategy
FFRCT-guided strategy
Non-invasive tests
 Stress ECG612
 Stress echo32
 Stress nuclear10
Invasive procedures
 Diagnostic ICA619
 ICA with PCI1110
 Intravascular ultrasound00
 Optical coherence tomography10
Coronary revascularisation
 Percutaneous intervention1210
 Stents per patient (mean)2.11.6
 Bypass surgery41
Hospital days12265
Clinic visits2019
  • Data shown as number of times used.

  • CTA, CT angiography; FFRCT, fractional flow reserve estimated using CT; FFRINV, fractional flow reserve determined by ICA; ICA, invasive coronary angiography; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention.